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CHEW Vision Design is proud to have been the renovation sponsors
for multiple charity TV renovation series on Suria. 

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Reno-V, a Renovation Series on Suria

CHEW Vision Design is proud to be part of Reno-V, a Suria charity TV programme highlighting how quality interior design and renovation can create a positive environment for the beneficiaries and help improve their standard of living. The individual beneficiaries shared the trials and tribulations of their lives whilst their living space was renovated and transformed by CHEW Vision Design. 

Ubah Segalanya, a Renovation Series on Suria

CHEW Vision Design is proud to be part of Ubah Segalanya, a Suria charity TV programme dedicated to giving families in need a holistic home makeover, changing their lives in the long term. CHEW Vision Design is happy to be a part of a programme like this to give back to families in need as the home renovation can be a very heavy cost.


Click here to watch the episode.

Straits Times Sponsor

CHEW Vision Design supports healthy living and environmental sustainability, and was a proud sponsor of the Straits Times’ Run, organized by ST in collaboration with Nparks, to commemorate 50 Years of Greening Singapore. 


Click here to read the news.

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